5 Easy Ways to Get Free Xbox Live Codes and Trial in 2019

When it comes to gaming the consoles are of real importance and that is why Xbox and PlayStations are of such popular. These two are one of the best consoles in the gaming world. Xbox has its features to take care of and is usually enjoyed by the gamers extensively. One can enjoy many features while playing on Xbox but many features are unlocked only when one becomes the working xbox Gold live codes member. With this membership and a large number of other benefits and facilities are provided to the players. This offer is available for both Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

This will make one's overall experience even more fun and fulfilling. One will have to buy the Xbox live codes and then use them to start the membership fo the gold after which the features will be unlocked automatically. There will be a large number of benefits that one can get after getting the Xbox live membership and that is why these days most of the gamers has started using it. some of the popular features if membership is:

Free games

One can many games on the Xbox for free which one can choose to form a large number of collection without paying anything for it. one can get new games every month at free of cost with the membership and this will only increase one Xbox experience as now there is no need to spend any money for playing some of the most popular games.

Online multiplayer

One of the biggest plus points of consoles is the fact that one can play with many other players, but without membership, one cannot play the online multiplayer mode. but with the membership, one can play various games in the online multiplayer which allows one to play with their friends and other gamers who can be at any place through this mode.

Home gold

If one has other players at one's home and they also feel like playing games on the Xbox that too, the one that is already being played. Then they don't need to overlap one the same profiles and credentials that are already being played with and thus disturbing one's achievements. Instead, now with membership, one can create multiple profiles in a single game with their leaderboards and scores.


5 best sites to rate and review applications of the Android!

Aren’t applications in mobile phones really necessary in today's world? Every Smartphone owner really boasts about how many applications their phone can actually acquire. The more the better obviously! There is absolutely no doubt in the fact that this is one of the most important reasons why people must be aware of how a particular application is. Isn't it quite obvious that there are many applications for one single task? But then again how do you make your choice that which one to download for yourself?

The reviews and the ratings of course! These are easily available to you and it is because of the reason that these exist can you ensure that which application will be perfectly suitable for you. There are few websites that will allow you to get through with honest and constant views of applications that you may want to download. Understanding these reviews can help you get through with the best results for yourself. Of course you will have to select the five best website for the same in the first place. These 5 best app review sites will help you make sure that you are choosing the right application for yourself.

5 best app review sites:

Following is the list of 5 best app review sites that you can get for yourself:

  1. AppBrain:

When you are talking about the five best app review sites then this is one side to that cannot be getting out of the list. The ease of accessing the site is very easy for the people. Also one must necessarily understand to that with the help of this particular site, they get to read the application reviews catalogue wise. As already mentioned the interface being very simple ensures great amount of help for the people. This will necessarily provide you with the best results.

  1. Android apps:

This is another site that you can make the best use of. This site completely provides you with the luxury of easy accessing as well as great user interface. Searching for your most desired applications on this particular site is certainly very easy. It is one of the most important reasons why getting through with this site can help you with information on any Android application that you may want to come across with.

  1. AndroidTapp:

This site is not only about the Android app reviews, but it will also help you stay updated with the latest information about various important products related to the Android. People can absolutely make sure that they realise that with the help of this site they will get through with detailed reviews of each and every application that they may want to find for themselves. Also with this site accessing throughout is not difficult at all. The user interface is so friendly that anyone can get through with it without much problem.

  1. AppZoom:

This website was also known as the Android zoom. It offers people with a categorical format. It certainly makes searching for the apps and reviewing them very easy for the people. Also one can read as many as reviews they want with an easy user interface to deal with. This can really turn out to be the best particular site for them. There are various apps rated on this particular site and therefore one does not have to leave disappointed.


Login To Your D-Link Router – Tips on Protecting Your Router

A router is an important resource for networking of resources on computing over the internet. There are default details for logging in to any router. The router provides you with the independence to have control over your network and draw some bordering lines. In order to alter the settings for your network and wireless connectivity, you have the permission to visit the page of the admin using the login for your router. If you are not sure how to sign in to your router, this article will guide you step by step to do so.

What you are required to do is to update the device’s firmware as you generally do. This is necessary to confirm that you get the best performance from your wireless router. If you install the wrong firmware by chance, it may bring in a lot of unnecessary issues. These problems can be avoided at ease by cross checking the page you are on and confirming it is the ideal one. In case you wish to Dlink router 192.168.l.l hack or the password for your router login, or edit some of the other settings for your wireless connectivity, then the primary thing you are required to do is sign in to your device with its default Login address for the IP.

Steps to log in to your D-link router

For your new D-link router login India, we will be discussing each step for setting up the device and how to get access to the default admin page. The D-link routers are the most famous ones that are being used for home networks in India. This is due to their easy setup and management procedure. The following steps will help you to connect and set up your new D-link router on your Windows or Mac PC.

  1. You first need to connect the D-link router with your personal computer through an Ethernet cable.
  2. Now you need to open a web browser and in the search bar, type in ‘’ or ‘’ and press the Enter button.
  3. You are now required to enter the username along with the password for your router. If you are using it for the first time, then the default username is ‘admin’ and the default password is ‘admin’. You need to keep it in mind that both of these fields are case sensitive.
  4. Once you are done with this step, you will be directed to the welcome page of D-link. You can alter or modify the default settings on this page if you wish to. All the routers of D-link are configured in the same way.

You can set up the internet connection by two ways. The first way is through Static IP and the other way is through username and password. Now we will be discussing both the methods in brief to ease out your setup procedure.

Method 1

  1. You need to choose the Static/Dynamic IP if your internet service provider has provided you with a static or dynamic IP address for your connection.
  2. You will then be required to put in the subnet mask. It is generally
  3. After the subnet mask, you will be required to enter the Default Gateway. Ask for it from your internet service provider.
  4. The primary DNS for your login will be
  5. After that you will be required to fill in the field of secondary DNS which is
  6. After all the details have been filled out, click on save.


Most Popular Online Games to Play Anywhere in the World

Playing games will give relaxation to the mind and gives relief from the work stress. At present online games become very popular now. Irrespective of the age all the people are interested to play the games online. Here we are giving you the details of How to play bloons tower defense Unblocked Games. To play the games no need to download them into your PC simply play the games on online.

League of Legends:

The popular game moved from the top to "Dota 2", where its creators, Riot Games, customized to creation with characteristics similar to the game previously mentioned. "LoL" has had great acceptance and has led to the addition of millions of players from around the world and to the creation of world cups of the game. League of Legends is completely free and is easily accessible.

Bloons Tower Defense 5:

This is another strategy game in the style of the defense tower. You will have to help the monkeys destroy all the balloons. For the money you earn, you can buy some improvements or help, it's all up to you. Balloons against monkeys: be part of this ancestral rivalry ... Unlock weapons of special darts and build spectacular structures in this game of darts and strategy with 50 levels to explore.

Dota 2:

The game developed by the company "Valve Corporation" launched the game on July 9, 2013, after putting several betas online where players could try the game and go criticizing its progress. Currently it is played by about 10 million people, however, it has been criticized by the hostile community that characterizes it.

HABBO Hotel:

One of the largest social networks on the Internet, operated by the company "Sulake Corporation" and launched to the public in August 2000. The game is so massive that it has been estimated that about 75 thousand people join daily and that there are around of 100 million accounts in the world.


5 Reasons To Own A Laptop In College

A student should own a laptop for many reasons. It is particularly important for college bound students. Their numerous benefits and ease of carrying are sure to be appreciated by all students. Without further ado, here are the top five reasons why a college student should own a laptop;



Web Based

No 1

To Complete Assignments

As technology continues to advance, it has become more important than ever before for college students to have laptops. More and more assignments given in college are web based, and students need to own a laptop in order to be able to get school work done. Most colleges provide free internet services on the school grounds, and students can easily get their work done when on the go when they have their own laptops.

College Students

No 2

To Keep In Touch:

For many new students, college is the first time they would be leaving their homes.
Owning a laptop ensures that they are able to keep in touch with members of family and friends while they are in school.

Built in web cams and microphones, which are standard features of laptop computers make it much more personal to communicate via the web.

Stylish and Affordable

No 3

For Convenience And Style

Laptops push the boundaries when it comes to fashion.
They are lightweight, portable, sleek, slim and stylish. They also have a longer battery life compared to desktop computers, and so students are saved the stress of carrying multiple cords or running high electricity bills. There are stylish and affordable bags and backpacks to protect the laptop.

Best In Training

No 4

To Take Notes by Professors:

It is sometimes hard to keep up with taking notes by hand in large lecture classes by professors.
The laptop comes in handy here, as its built in microphone helps to capture the lecture and save Power Point presentations and digital notes.
Electronic copies of textbooks which are considerably cheaper than hard copies can also be accessed with a laptop.

Stylish and Durable

No 5

Inexpensive And Affordable:

There has been a significant reduction in the prices of laptops over the years, therefore, a student can purchase a high quality, stylish and durable laptop without breaking the bank and parents will do well to give their children laptop computers as graduating presents. Laptops are not costly, and remain within the budget reach of many families even in times of economic downturns.


Innovative inventions of the 21st century

Laptop computers have a variety of functions and are immensely useful for both serious work and entertainment. A lot of people have been able to teach themselves many skills and lessons they are interested in, and would probably not be able to afford if they were to hire a tutor. It remains one of the most innovative inventions of the 21st century. Nowadays, even toddlers have been familiar with the workings of a computer. Apart from the fact that it improves cognitive functions in the user, the laptop opens a vista of networking and educational opportunities for its users. And the best part of this is that it is all at the finger tips. Every college student should definitely own one.

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2) Repair It Yourself:

These days self-repair can be done on the computer by following the instructions provided by the manufacturer. A person who has the technical know-how or is simply feeling adventurous can opt to repair their faulty computer by themselves. This helps to save time and money.
There are also several resources on how to maintain, upgrade and trouble shoot computers on the internet.


3) Outsourcing:

The option of outsourcing the repair of broken down computers is one that organizations can explore. They have an arrangement with a third party company or vendor who repairs all their faulty computers and gets paid for the service. In making this arrangement however, proper contracts must be drawn up, and terms and conditions scrutinized to the letter.



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4) Engage Your Tech Savvy Friends:

Many of us have friends and relatives who have great computer skills. There's no harm in asking them to help out with upgrading and repairing your personal computer. A considerable amount of time and money can be saved when we make use of the talents and skills our friends possess, as opposed to outsourcing the service to a complete stranger.

5) Don't Forget To Get Names:

It's easy to forget to ask for the name of customer support officer assigned to handle your complaints. Always remember to write down the name of the customer support officer speaking to you during a support phone call.

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